Monday, September 25, 2006

Too cute...

This is one of my favorites. She is about 98% of the time in a great mood, and very social. I think this shot shows her personality. Love her.

What a Ham!

This is Kaila's "Pose" ... decided today to put pigtails in the hair, she doesn't normally look this goofy!! :-) LOL.

Ohio???? WHY?

Because Michael had the all important job of ring bearer at cousin Kelly's wedding (oh, and mommy sang)!!! How cute is the too big tuxedo?? We had a blast in Ohio, the weather was gorgeous, got to see lots of family and catch up. Mick's fav?? Seeing his "tuzzins, tyle and AJ" (that's, cousins, Kyle and AJ)!! :-)

On the Carousel

Smiling for the camera, Kaila LOVES the merry-go-round. She belly laughed most of the ride, kept moving my hands so that I was definitely NOT holding onto her. Amazing how two kids from the same house can be completely different! Michael prefers to sit in the carriage versus the horse!



We went to the Columbus Zoo two weeks ago. This is Mick in the aquarium. What a fabulous zoo. We had a blast.

Capt Kaila

Had to put this one in here...Kaila sat with Mick's Captain Hook
hat on for over a half an hour! Laughing and throwing it up in the air. What a hoot!

Karate Graduation

This is Mick at his karate graduation. He moved up to an Orange Belt (as you can see!). He was SO excited and can't wait till the next one to get his Green Belt. His teachers say he's doing excellent and have invited him to be a part of the "leadership" program...we'll see about's a HUGE time commitment.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Family Photo

This is one of the only family pics we've got. Was taken in Estes Park, CO in August. How cute...Ryan and I match! :-)

1st Day Of School

This is Michael Cameron Floria on his First Day of Preschool! How exciting is this?!? He's riding in daddy's Jeep, which NOW of course, he thinks is the ONLY way to get to school!

Welcome to the 21st Century!

Okay, everyone's doing it, so I've got to, too! Hopefully I'll be able to keep on top of this thing! Please come visit often and I'll try my best to keep everyone updated with new pics of the kiddos!