Thursday, February 28, 2008

off with their heads....

Mojito lost his marbles today. What a sad, sad day. The poor pup is being dragged down by a clear cone collar around his neck and quite honestly, it just might be one of the saddest things I've ever seen. If I knew where I put my camera, I'd show you!!

I just finished watching American Idol. Um, okay, of the girls, I like Brooke (earthy, blond, innocent) and Carly (Irish, tattooed), oh and I also like the other blond girl who sold her horse, can't remember her name, though. The other girls, ugh. I'm so sick of the constant "licks" and Mariah and Whitney-esque movements with their voices. If you can't sing a single note straight - you can't sing. Just an opinion. But I really think the boys are SO much better this year. That little David kid melts my heart every time he opens his mouth! This is the first year I've been able to watch all of the episodes - thank GOD for I'm really looking forward to it.

Oh, so back to kids were so excited when he came home this afternoon and unfortunately, we did not do a good job as parents in warning or explaining the procedure that poor pup had just undergone, but that they needed to be gentle and not to get him excited, jumping and running, etc. So as I'm cooking dinner, Little Prince begins the questions:
LP: why did mee hee toe go to the doctow today?
HC: He had to have surgery
LP: Huh?
HC: They had to cut off his balls
ME: ***clanging and sputtering out of the kitchen with evil eye***
LP: Huh?
HC: You know that sac under your wee wee?
LP: yeah
HC: They cut that off so that he doesn't get a girl pregnant
ME: ***again, evil eye out of the kitchen***
LP: huh?

THEN, like a light bulb went off in his head, the hubcaps decides that's not the appropriate line of conversation! (UH, DUH!) And explains it in a much more scientific and general way.

About an hour later, Princess K starts asking ME if the doctor cut off Mee Hee Toes wee wee....and, was I sure? And "did he go to the hofpital? Yes, that's how she says it. Pretty darn cute, if you ask me.

I can only imagine what the conversations at school will be like for Little Prince tomorrow. Apparently, when you go to the doctor, your wee wee is going to get cut off....however, that's might be better than my friend...and you know who you are...whose husband told their son he was going to tie it in a knot if he didn't start shooting straight in the be the judge.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

snip, snip Mojito!

Hee hee. Tomorrow is the big day!! Mojito loses his manhood...I think he might sense it, too. Has not been his normal annoying, yippy self. Kinda seems like he's a little bit depressed, but I guess I would too. Nah, if womanhood is defined by ovaries, they can take 'em!

I've started looking for a job. Real estate is not cutting it anymore. I'm actually trying to get in good with the banks and start doing broker price opinions, that way, I can stay home with Princess K and my kids won't have to be at "camp" every day all summer long. AAAAGGHH!!

I really don't want to go back to work, at least, not in the "traditional" sense. I do not want to have to commute (really bad here!), I don't want to have to dress a certain way and I sure as heck don't want to leave my house. I haven't had a "job" since 2002. The thought sends me to that place. You know, that place where I just want to crawl back into bed, pull the covers up and sleep and dream of days when I was seventeen and not a care in the world.

Today, too, I was watching Oprah and Henry Winkler was on...I was very inspired by him. He had all of these obstacles, he was dyslexic and didn't know until he was 31 and NOW, he writes kids' books and tells every kid he comes into contact with "you're going to be great, you have greatness"...what an encouragement. Sometimes I wish people in my life as a child had been a bit more encouraging. No one ever told me I could NOT do anything but they never really said I COULD.

I have sung since I began, and maybe before, I began to speak. My voice teacher wanted to submit an audition tape for Star Search. I sang in church and got standing ovations. My first public performance was before 1500 people. I'm told every day that I have this special gift. I know I have a gift, but why did I not pursue singing as a career? Why did I not think I was good enough? Why did I sell myself short? And, more importantly, why do I think I'm not good enough at a lot of things? Am I sabotaging myself or am I just being realistic?

Friday, February 22, 2008

good to be back....

It's been far, far too long since I've written. It's not fair to say "I've been so busy", because the truth of the matter isn't that I've been too busy, but rather, just haven't had much to say. Yes, me, the one who never shuts up. I guess, I just haven't had very many coherent thoughts...or at least thoughts that I felt I should share with people.

It's been a rough sort of week for me, professionally speaking. Someone who was a friend of mine actually fired me as their agent! And then turned around and put an offer on a house within 24 hours. The kicker of it was his excuse "God told me it was time for a change". PUHLEEZE. At first I was double ticked. Still am, really, because that's just not the way you treat people. Especially when I've been "helping" he and his wife since before Thanksgiving.

They changed their minds on what they wanted every other day. They changed the locations, the age, etc., kind of the important things that help a Realtor know where to look. AND, when we'd find something that they liked, he'd put in ridiculously low offers. So, to say that I was getting frustrated with him, is just the tip of the ice berg, so I guess it's a blessing in disguise.

I attended a commercial real estate investing seminar in Orlando and learned so much that my brain is still trying to hold in all the information. There are a lot of conflicting thoughts in there, fighting for space. You know, movie quotes, phone numbers of old friends and boyfriends from high school and what the names of the American Idol contestants are. So, it's been a bit tricky putting this new info into motion. Becuase of that event, my father and I have started a new company. We're partners and I'm very excited about it. Praying that we can get it launched successfully. We have three agents in multiple states looking for property for us. So, we shall see.

AND, yesterday, I got my hair chopped off. It's a very short bob, slight stacking in the back with bangs! I haven't had bangs in forever. I don't think hubcaps is all that thrilled with it, but it was time for a change. Besides, it's just hair. It grows back and if it looks really bad? I'll do what I've been doing. I'll wear a hat.

Oh, and the kids!! Princess K is addicted to High School Musical 2 - and might I add, so is mom...we sing and dance all the moves. Little Prince is smelling his hands all the time. I think he might be OCD. Driving me crazy, but he's such a sweet boy.

I've missed hearing from and reading all of you, my blogger friends. I will be catching up over the next couple of days!
So good to be back!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

there's no place like home....

I realized this evening that I (pretty much) start all my blog entries the same. I guess becuase I write how I speak, maybe? Who knows. Anyways, auntie em, there's no place like home. Ain't that da truth?

I left home this afternoon to spend the next four days in Orlando at a seminar/conference on commercial real estate. Doesn't that sound like a grand time?? Oh, and did I mention I'm with my dad? Just kidding. He and I will have a lot of fun, even if the conference turns out to be a dud.

I also realized this evening, that I'm raising a rocker. No kidding! He was in the back seat singing "I.....wanna wok and woll all night....and party every day...I" - nothing cuter than a five year old who can't say his "r's" singing the words rock and roll....just too dang cute.

And, my daughter is still putting fruit down her pants. I don't know where she gets these's not like I'm shoving grapes down my britches. Her father isn't shoving bananas down his pants! Today, though she moved on to something else. Are you ready for it? Golf balls! Not one, but TWO golf balls. Couldn't find the camera fast enough and missed the shot of the year.

Well, it's late and I've got a looooooooonnnnnggggg day tomorrow. Have a Happy Thursday. Peace out.

OH - and for those of you who care....I've officially lost ZERO pounds in the past two weeks! ZERO. So when I get home on Sunday - the fight to win begins....that's right, I'm going back to the gym. UGH.