Thursday, February 07, 2008

there's no place like home....

I realized this evening that I (pretty much) start all my blog entries the same. I guess becuase I write how I speak, maybe? Who knows. Anyways, auntie em, there's no place like home. Ain't that da truth?

I left home this afternoon to spend the next four days in Orlando at a seminar/conference on commercial real estate. Doesn't that sound like a grand time?? Oh, and did I mention I'm with my dad? Just kidding. He and I will have a lot of fun, even if the conference turns out to be a dud.

I also realized this evening, that I'm raising a rocker. No kidding! He was in the back seat singing "I.....wanna wok and woll all night....and party every day...I" - nothing cuter than a five year old who can't say his "r's" singing the words rock and roll....just too dang cute.

And, my daughter is still putting fruit down her pants. I don't know where she gets these's not like I'm shoving grapes down my britches. Her father isn't shoving bananas down his pants! Today, though she moved on to something else. Are you ready for it? Golf balls! Not one, but TWO golf balls. Couldn't find the camera fast enough and missed the shot of the year.

Well, it's late and I've got a looooooooonnnnnggggg day tomorrow. Have a Happy Thursday. Peace out.

OH - and for those of you who care....I've officially lost ZERO pounds in the past two weeks! ZERO. So when I get home on Sunday - the fight to win begins....that's right, I'm going back to the gym. UGH.


Cecily R said...

I know it shouldn't, but the fruity britches problem makes me giggle.

And I can totally hear your mini rocker wocking and wolling!!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Kids are very strange & interesting little creatures. LOL!