Thursday, January 08, 2009

happy new year....

Yes, I know! We're already almost to the half way point for January 2009 - I can't believe it! Time sure is flying; but, so far, 2009 is giving me no complaints (knock wood).

Things at work are busy, which I am enjoying (as much as work can be enjoyed) and everyone in the house is healthy.

As for my mental state, things are going really well. I'm feeling VERY normal and even starting to feel a little bit of my creativity coming back. We shall see what lies ahead.

The kids are doing great. Excited to be back at school after a two week vacation. I am amazed every day at the things they say and the new things they're learning. Love them so much.

Well, that's all I've got to say right now, but I'll be back sooner next time. I promise.

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Heidi said...

LOVE your title. I feel myself saying that daily! Good to hear someone's New Year is starting off great. I actually feel pretty much the same. Let's hope it sticks.