Sunday, May 11, 2008

happy mother's day....

I think I am a lucky woman. I don't get breakfast in bed (although I don't get to sleep in either - ugh). My husband has to work on Sundays and must be there before 7 AM and I have to follow so that I can sing in the choir by 8 today, was an early to rise day. The kids (and hubcaps, for that matter) made me the GREATEST cards EVER -- Princess K's had a picture she had drawn of herself in the tub and Little Prince drew me a car with a satellite dish on top?? It was so much fun though, because they were just so excited that it was finally Mother's Day....I hope and pray this enthusiasm continues throughout life!!

Not much else to report. Oh! I am looking for a part time job, so if any of you live in this area OR know of something that earns MONEY that can be done at home -- email me and let me know, okay?? Thanks.

Well, I just wanted to get on and say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all my blogger friends, whether your kids are born or not, or are puppies or kittens, here's to ALL womankind! Have a GREAT day.


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Cecily R said...

I so hope your day was a WONDERFUL one!!!