Sunday, May 11, 2008

i've got five what????

Today at my church our pastor spoke on generosity. I know what you're thinking, just wanting to collect more money...well, you'd be WRONG. What actually happened, brought tears to my eyes and made me so incredibly proud of Church by the Glades and Pastor David.

Over this weekend, Mother's Day - which is when we have record-breaking crowds, my church handed out $40,000.00 to its members to give back to the community to those in need, etc.

So, here's where YOU come into the picture. I received $5.00. I want to do more than give it to a homeless person standing on the side of the road. Send me your ideas!!!! I wish I had something to give away as an incentive for your ideas, but I don't.....sorry. The idea that does get picked, though, will receive the BEST shout out EVER!! Sound good??

Get busy!



Terry said...

HI! April,
Happy Mother'S Day! You did awesome on the song this morning. IM in the choir and I do power point once or twice a mth, here is what IM doing with my money, this is from my niece, so, you wanted idea's here is one for you, but, do what God leads you to do, I really was blown away and love what our church and Pastor did.

Rebecca S. said...

Our church did this last summer...we could take any denomination we wanted from 5 to 100.00 and we had to turn into more. ie...not bury it in the ground. Some people did raffles...some held garage sales...a couple realtors gave their commissions...some let their kids decide and most of the kiddos doubled their money. It was awesome to see how God used the money! Good luck!

April said...

How awesome! I don't really have any suggestions (my brain is fried lately) but that is such a sweet gesture!

Ro(bert)o Lopez said...

this was the first weekend I didn't go to an of the services since I have been at CBG!! about bad timing!....I went to my mom's church

Jane @ Kidzarama said...

I vote for rebecca s.'s suggestion! ~I know that was awful grammar, but it's nearly bedtime here ;)

Turning the money into more through a garage sale would be great. How much are newspaper ads in your area?

Or you could use the $5 to buy streamers, balloons & cardboard for signs to publicise your garage sale.

Good luck with it, April!

laura said...

I read about that in the paper (all the way over here in denver). And it challenged me as well. What could I do with a small amount of money to turn it into more to give back to the church. So next weekend I'm taking an amount and buying baking supplies to make bake goods for a garage sale. All the proceeds go to our church's mission trip in the fall.
Good stuff for sure. It touched me!