Tuesday, November 15, 2011

and the saga continues...

Well, I'm no further than I was a few weeks ago...just more worried and more scared. I met with the specialist for the 'drain' and scheduled it for this past Friday. As I'm laying there on the table, waiting for the numbing, the doc says, "well, if it ruptures, we'll drain it and you'll be on your way, but if it doesn't, then we'll have to do the biopsy."

Ummmmm...WHAT?!?! Three days ago, I was told me it was a cyst. What's changed?

"Well, it looks more like a mass than a cyst."

This was not going well. Not what I was expecting to hear.

Needless to say, there was nothing rupturing that day. So my biopsy has been sent to pathology and I'm waiting. I have an appointment this Friday to find out what this thing growing in my chest is.

It's a very unsettling, scary feeling. I don't feel like I can vocalize what is really going through my mind. People don't want to hear that you imagine the doctor telling you that you only have months to live. Or, that you've already thought about how you will tell your children goodbye.

And, while I'm obviously praying that this is just some sort of fibroid/benign tumor, I need to prepare myself on the off-chance that it actually is something to be worried about.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sweetie, Thanks for sharing your story so honestly. We're all praying for you & hope you get some more concrete answers asap! Love you, Ballad & "the boys"