Tuesday, April 29, 2008

poison control???

I woke up Saturday morning being handed a bottle of Spider Man gummy vitamins by my son. He was asking for two of them. I look at the bottle, I look at him, I look at the bottle again and in my groggy state of half sleep, I realize that this was the same bottle I had purchased just the night before. This is important because there were only two vitamins left! Out of SIXTY!! Yes, Little Prince ate 58 gummy vitamins on Saturday morning!!!!

Quick, I dial poison control and go through the list of ingredients and thank GOD, there was NO iron --- my cheapness paid off! The very sweet lady at poison control did, however, tell me that he is not to have another vitamin for two months!!! For those of you who don't have the number posted - here's poison control, I now have it in my cell phone. It's 1-800-222-1222. Hope you never have to use it - although, I will confess...Little Prince is 5 and I've had to call at least four times! Boys will be boys.

So, that was Saturday. We sailed through the rest of the weekend and on Monday morning Little Prince was screaming in pain and holding his ear. Full blown ear infection, so I have him home from school today and this is my first opportunity to even sit down at the computer.

Any good news to report? Well, I submitted Princess K to a couple of modeling agencies and so far, of the five - three want to see her, so I'll keep you posted on all that! Very exciting.

Fill me in on your lives....I miss hearing from you.

Happy Tuesday.


~**Dawn**~ said...

I guess that's a good reason for meds not to taste good huh? ::shaking my head:: Kids.

Kori said...

My oldest son when he was about 2 ate a half a tub of orange hand cleaner. You know the kind that gets the grease off of hands after they been working on a car or something. Yep I caught him right in the middle of the bathroom floor scooping it out with his little hands like it was a bucket of ice cream or something. Called poison control and they said he would be fine but boy did he ever go to the bathroom. That stuff should be used as a laxative. lol Just came across your blog and thought I would share.

April said...

Oh my GOSH, 58 vitamins in one day?!?! That is scary! Glad everything is okay. Although that sucks he now has an ear infection. :-(

Carey said...

My brother did that one time...my mom swore off vitamins...I was always bummed cause the flinstones were so yummy! Glad he is ok.

Michelle Smiles said...

I suppose after it is done being scary it is kind of funny. Wow.

Jennifer said...

OMG, I am a first time visitor, and this cracks me up (althought I know it was not funny at the time). Don't you feel like an idiot calling poison control!? My daughter ate BALMEX one day (yes the diaper rash oinment) so I called. I was so afraid for weeks that they would send family services to my home. ha.