Sunday, September 02, 2007

Costa Rica Vacation

Here are a few pictures of our recent adventure to Costa Rica with our good friends, fred and melissa. We had such a wonderful time!! We stayed in a lovely villa "villas nicolas" ( Highly recommend this place!! We had incredible views, a fantastic pool and were close to everything we wanted to be close to! Had we stayed an extra day or two, I'm sure we would have all been fluent in spanish...had so much fun practicing and using our very rudimentary spanish skills!! We were there during rainy season (i.e., cheaper and less crowded!) and were very glad we went then....we never had to wait anywhere, the locals were super friendly and it was just a wonderful time! It did, however, rain all but one day, which we took full advantage of by getting burnt to crisps!! Ugh....weird thing, we did not feel the burn happening , like we do in florida, so we didn't realize the burn until it was way too late!! I posted over 90 pictures on my myspace account, if you're a member, check them out. Anyways, we give CR ***** five stars!! It was nice just to be away from everything - no phones, no computers, we even were without children this time!! Wow. :-)


Sandi said...

looks wonderful! So glad you guys were able to go!

Omar Cruz said...

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