Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fresh Prince

Good morning! What a crazy night it was, and not the crazy nights of college. Not crazy in a fun way. My son, who seems to be taking after his father in the allergy department (ie., allergic to EVERYTHING), got bit by a bug yesterday. Behind his ear. Being the sympathetic mom I am, when he told me his ear hurts when he bends it - my reply is, don't bend it! Duh.

Anyways, four hours later, we're sitting at Chili's and I look at his ear - he looks like Will Smith in Hitch - his little ear is sticking out from his head by like, four inches! And, his nose starts running like a siv. MMMMM, want some chips with that?

So, I drive like a mad woman to get him home and pump him full of Benadryl....changing lanes (with no signal, of course) right in front of a sheriff's officer. Brilliant. Lucky for me, he was in another world and not paying the least bit of attention to moi.

We get home. I get him the meds. I get him situated in MY bed, with video games, movies, water, tissues, all the necesary items. After about four hours (yes, even with 2 tsp. of Benadryl) he falls asleep. Sweet relief.

I get on my laptop and try to get some work done when he starts kicking at me, screaming, rolling around, almost falling out of the bed....he's crying hysterically but is half asleep so he doesn't know exactly why. I take him to his bed becasue I don't want him to wake up the princess lying next to me on the other side (yes, they're both in my bed. Shhhhhh, it's a secret!). So, I put him in his bed, had to actually YELL at him to get him to stop crying. By yell, I mean SCREAM to wake up. Then he woke up, let out a little gas (tooted, in our family) and started laughing. Oh, good, he's fine. BUT, his ear is still huge. I give him some more Benadryl and he's off to dream land again.

After all that drama, of course, I can't go to sleep! Hmmm, what should I do? Let's what nine episodes of TLC's What Not to Wear. What a complete waste of time. I actually felt myself getting dumber by the minute but did I turn it off?? Heck, no! I had to see the end result (which, by the way, was amazing!). So maybe at four when the prince returned back to my room, I turned the TV off.

So, now it's 11 AM Saturday. I am exhausted because I didn't get any sleep, or rather, any restful sleep. Have so much to get done in the next three hours since the hubby gets back today from a four day business trip (Hallelujah!!!!!). The kids are watching Bob the Builder and eating leftover noodles for lunch. I have to be at church in two hours and little guy is fully congested, snot just pouring out of his little face. His ear is looking a little bit better, but yes, he still looks like the Fresh Prince.

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