Friday, September 28, 2007

Dull Women Have Immaculate Homes (Ran on MySpace on 9-11-07)

Well, I must pat myself on the back!
It has been EIGHT whole days!
My house has been CLEAN for EIGHT WHOLE DAYS!! Can you believe it??!!!??
I have a plaque in my kitchen that says "dull women have immaculate houses" - I think that's true. I strive for a clean house, where all toys are put away nicely in those cute boxes and totes that all match from Pottery Barn....I strive for carpeted floor with no stains. For an entertainment center with no dust or DVDs strewn about. I'm striving. I think I'm going to be striving forever though.
The past eight days have been exhausting! I have been doing two loads of laundry each day! I've made the beds every morning. I've had dishes in the sink for no more than an hour! I have been on top of everything.
I think I may have to increase the dosage on my meds though, because I feel like I'm going crazy!
How long does it take before something becomes a habit??
As much as I want a clean house, I do not want to become DULL in order to do so. I want my kids to know they can play without fear of mommy having a panic attack! So, I'm trying to strike that balance.
In the meantime, I'll be folding the last load of towels.

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