Tuesday, December 11, 2007

14 Days....are you ready??

I am almost finished with Christmas shopping!! Yee Haw! Actual shopping, though, is highly overrated...I'm enjoying not standing in line, not searching for a parking space and not dealing with rude salesclerks. I LOVE online shopping. I always have, but this year, especially, it has brought new found joy. AND, everywhere I've gone has offered free shipping! What's better than that?

My SIL in California is such the sweet person - she sent each of the siblings in her family a package with three gifts, to be opened on the 8th, 15th and 22nd...that way, we will all be together in spirit, if not physically....SUCH A GREAT IDEA! This weekend's gift was a foam 3-D gingerbread house...here's mine :-)

Also, she sent the old-fashioned Jiffy popcorn and M&Ms. We had so much fun as a family doing the craft and eating the goodies; although, I didn't know you couldn't pop that corn on a glass top (thank heavens for burners on our grill!).

We had a really fun weekend...this was sitting in our backyard on Friday...it was HUGE! The tail alone was probably three feet...

THEN, on Sunday, we spent the afternoon (after church) outside! It was such a great day. Both kids were trying to skateboard -- and the Princess is going to be really good! This was her first time on one and daddy let go of her hand for a second and she totally had control....we told her no more until we get a new helmet. She wants a pink one! So, here are a couple pics from the weekend...

Well, enough of that, for all my griping and complaining about the commercialism of Christmas, I am now SO excited!! Mostly, as you moms out there can attest to, because my kids are just so darn excited about it! Princess K is constantly talking about how Santa is at the North Pole, making toys for us. She tells her baby dolls this daily!! Little Prince is going to be in his first Christmas program Tuesday night and he said this evening: "I'm getting a little bit nervous"!! Such a big boy. But their ages right now, are just so much fun. Right now, Santa can do no wrong, he's the guy to know, let me tell you. I actually had to take the little guy to my computer and have him show me what the toy was that he told Santa he wanted becuase I had NO idea what he was talking about - and he's like, "oh, Santa knows"...I made up some story about how Santa called me and wanted to make sure he had the right one. I know, you shouldn't lie...but technically, it's not really a lie, right??

Anyways, I hope you all had a great weekend!! Have a fabulous two weeks before Christmas! Bake some cookies, go to church and love the people around you. Peace.


~**Dawn**~ said...

I scored with online shopping this week too! Placed all my orders the middle of last week (with the exception of the few people I was shopping for at Disney World) & all but two of them arrived yesterday! I think the other two are due to be delivered today. I love it! The only thing that really ticked me off was my god daughter's gift. I ordered it on Wednesday. On Thursday, it went on sale for considerably less, so said the email from the site. And the fine print at the bottom of the email informed me that the sale could not be applied to previous orders. =/

Smitty76 said...

OMG I love that...Santa called you to double-check the gift. Priceless!!