Monday, December 03, 2007

vomit and pizza and games OH MY!!

Okay - so it's been a super, super busy weekend, which is why I haven't written in a few days. The hectic life started on Thursday, my son's birthday. We celebrated by going to downtown Delray Beach to eat Cuban food al fresco and then to meet Santa Claus - you know, he comes to Florida by firetruck, and we made sure we were sitting on the corner of the street the truck comes to a halt! Santa climbed down from atop the truck and the crowd went crazy.

We then rode a gigantic 200 seat carousel. We ate caramel apples. It was a wonderful birthday for my little prince and a great way to bring in the Christmas season. A grand time was had by all.

Friday, I had invited three boys to go to Chuck E Cheese for pizza and games and then back to my house for a sleepover!! Am I crazy? Yes, I think I just might be. I made sure the adult to child ratio was 1:1, which was good. The boys had a great time, the adults even had fun, too! We ate pizza, played skee-ball and ate cake. All in all, a typical birthday party. Until, little prince says, "I think I should go wash my hands". Me: "um, yeah, that's a great idea"...his papa takes him to the little boys' room.

Unfortunately for all of us, this is when the party comes to a screeching halt!!! My little angel proceeded to fill all three of the sinks with vomit. In between purging episodes, he tells my father aka papa "i don't ever want to drink orange soda again"!!! I know I shouldn't find that funny, but I do. I think it is stinking hilarious! Now, him throwing up in my van on the way home? Not so funny.

So, on the way home, I called the other moms and asked them to meet us to pick up their little guys. We really thought he had just over-drank and played and got sick, but now, we know he actually had a little bug. Later the same evening, he had a fever of 100.9 and fell asleep playing his brand new Leapster L-Max. So sad.

So does this mean I've survived my first sleepover? Or does it mean I still have to face that challenge?? We'll see. I'm up for the challenge, let me tell ya.

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend and I'm so glad it was, because today has turned out to be a day from hell. More on that later. Have a good one.


Keri said...

sorry to say, you need to officially wake up with the kids there (or not have gone to sleep as i'm hearing from other sleepover survivors)
Sounds like a mix of fun and frivolity mixed with some upchucks... yah! come on flu season!

Cecily R said...

I don't drink orange soda for the SAME REASON! Really!

Hope he's feeling better. Happy Birthday anyway!

~**Dawn**~ said...

I haven't had Campbell's vegetable beef stew for the same reason! Poor kiddo. Hopes he's feeling better -- and that the rest of you escaped...