Wednesday, December 12, 2007

i'll step down off my soap box now, thank you

My little Eskimo did it! Little Prince had his very first Christmas program at school tonight! He attends a very small private school here (its actually part of the church where my hubcaps is on staff); anyways, his class dressed like Eskimos from Alaska and sang Let It Snow. Of all the classes, I think his class got the biggest applause because they were just too darn cute!! I was so proud of him! He did almost all of the motions and even smiled from stage. I was a little concerned when we got there because last night he started in on this "I'm a little nervous" thing. Where he heard and learned what nervous means, I don't know...but let me just say thanks to whoever taught it to him. BUT, he overcame and it was great!

One of my best friends and I exchanged our gifts today -she's going to be in Michigan for three weeks, so I think today is the last time I'll see her until the middle of January (ugh!)...she got me this HUGE Vera Bradley duffel and makeup bag - so cute and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Vera Bradley. But I digress..

So, I've done the Christmas Program, opened a gift, bought lots of gifts...the Christmas Season is upon us. I'm really trying hard, can you tell, to NOT say 'holiday'. For those of you who don't celebrate Christmas, I have to believe that you're not offended because I do celebrate, am I wrong? I am not offended by your menorahs and whatever those of you who celebrate Kwanzaa use... but I am very irritated by the signs for 'holiday trees' and 'holiday cookies' - what other holiday has a cookie shaped like Santa Claus? Give me a break. Yes, it's the holiday season - there are a lot of different faiths celebrating different occasions, but more than 90% of our population (USA) celebrates Christmas. Stop telling me to have a happy holiday when I've just dropped $300 in your store for wrapping paper, toys, a tree and ornaments....isn't it kind-of obvious what 'holiday' I'm celebrating?? Geesh. Have a great Wednesday.


Keri said...

& i'm right there on the soap box with ya !

~**Dawn**~ said...

About that last part? Sing it, sister. And Merry Christmas!!

Smitty76 said...

AMEN, sistah!!!!! LOL

oh...and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! :-)