Tuesday, January 15, 2008

am I the only one???

Totally bizarre thought for the day - - do you think that when we look in the mirror we actually see what the rest of the world sees, in a literal sense?? For instance, when I look in the mirror, I will notice that my nose is crooked. But when you look at me, do you see that not only is the nose crooked, but it's green and boil covered? I know, I know, gross. This is a thought that keeps me up some nights.

For example, does a severely obese person really know that they are obese? Do they SEE it?? Kind-of a reverse anorexia. The main reason I wonder this is because those who deal with anorexia always look in the mirror and see themselves 'fat'....so it would only make sense that the rest of us, who might have a challenge with weight, see ourselves thin.

So, yeah, these are the thoughts that cloud my head, day in and day out. Do ugly people know that they are ugly? I am almost 33 years old and I swear to you, I have been asking people these questions since I was 11. Anywho, hope you've had a great Monday, have a terrific Tuesday and hopefully I'll have something with more meaning to talk about tomorrow! OH - I will!! I go see the shrink tomorrow, that alone will give me something to vent about, and the vet, yippee!! What a thrilling day awaits for me.


Amy said...

Have you not yet replaced your shrink with your blog? Gee, maybe I should reconsider the whole "blog-as-therapy" strategy.

Anyway, I wonder the same thing. Sometimes I think I look pretty OK then I see a picture of myself and think GAH! So what do other people see? The fairly OK person or the GAH girl?

Steph said...

I totally know what you mean! I walk out the door sometimes thinking I "look good" only to see of photo of myself later and I think what the hell was I thinking, I look like an elephant!

Good Luck tomorrow!

Smitty76 said...

This post is SO right on! I have these crazy thoughts all the time! Most of the time I see myself and all I see is FAT. But every now and then I'll catch a quick glimpse of myself (when I don't mean to) and think, "Wow! Is that really what I look like? Is that how other people see me? It's not as bad as I thought!" And I see my BIG nose and lack of chin, but i think most other people DON'T focus on these things!

And I do have it the reverse way as well; I will think I look pretty hot sometimes until I look at a picture of myself and think, "ewwwww!!!"

LD said...

I absolutely know what you mean-- I always wonder if the colors we see are always the same. Is what I see as red different from what you see as red?? And, if we taught our 1 year old that what everyone else sees as green is really called "red," just how much would it screw him up??