Wednesday, January 16, 2008

the crack....

yep. we went to the crack for dinner tonight with my parents. you know, cracker kids' favorite toy store on earth!

little prince finally went back to school and now is complaining that he doesn't feel well, is tired, thinks he's going to throw up and hubcaps said he felt really warm .... could this week get any better?

saw my doc today ... more on that another day when I feel like divulging all the gory details...not a great visit, but one that made things a bit clearer for me.

oh. and apparently, i've forgotten my brain at the door, because our insurance changed with hubcaps work and i allegedly signed up for the wrong plan! hopefully, they'll let me switch to the one i thought i had signed up for!! double ugh.

i tivo'd american idol, so i'm sure after i watch, i'll have something to say about the lack of talent that is being constantly perpetuated on our society.

hope you're all having a productive week. i'm looking forward to the weekend.


Keri said...

here's hoping things even out for you and your family soon.

Wait till you see American Idol... laugh laugh laugh... it's the only part i watch of idol... once they become good, i tune out.

Smitty76 said...

That sucks! I the fam all finally starts to feel better! This time of year is a pain in the ass for illness. :-P

Oh! And did you manage to figure out how to make your links work for the meme? When you are writing your post, copy an old post's url (I ususally have two screens up while I'm doing with my post, and the other where i can look at my old posts) and then click on whichever word in your current post that you won't people to click on to go to your OLD post and HIGHLIGHT that word. Now,go to that little icon on the tool bar (next to the font/screen color choices) that looks like a green blob with horns on. Click on that. (Sorry about the LACK of technical terms. LOL) Paste the the url you have and hit OK. Voila! Your post should be linked to that word! good luck!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Oh man. I hope you can get your insurance changed to what you need. I know that we can't change our policies until each year's open enrollment, unless we have a "life change" -- like getting married or having a child. I don't know if that's universal or just our particular contract.