Friday, January 11, 2008

could it be my hair?

School started back on Monday. Did Little Prince attend?


He's been home all week because our house has been struck with THE PLAGUE. What's even better is that we don't all have the same symptoms. We each have gotten a different strand. Lovely, right? I've had a fever for two days, achy body and today, I awoke to the sensation of razor blades going down both sides of my throat.

Convinced I had strep, I hauled myself to an Urgent Care this evening after hubcaps got home from work, sat in the waiting room for an hour....
side note: I did almost finish a book I've been reading, so all was not in vain!
...had the throat culture, ONLY to find out, nope, not strep. The doctor said "I can see why it feels like razor blades - your throat is disgusting" - gee, thanks doc. On a good note, he did say that I looked much younger than 32 (almost 33). Must be the hair.

So yesterday, sickness and all, I showered, put makeup on and dressed myself and went to get my hair done. I couldn't cancel with twenty minutes notice!! So maybe, just maybe, my additional low lights made me look younger? Nah, I didn't think so either. Too funny. But this doctor went on and on and on about how the women in Florida look so much older than they really are because of the sun damage. Yikes. The strange thing, though, is that even though everyone knows you should wear sunscreen EVERY day - there are A LOT of people who don't. I love to go to the beach. I love the look of a tan, but honestly, I buy it in a can. I wear a hat, a t-shirt, sit under the umbrella and yes, all of my makeup has SPF 15 or higher. Not something I'm willing to risk for the sake of vanity. Can I get an 'Amen'??

Alright, so the soapbox is put away for now. There is nothing new to report. Just trying to get and STAY healthy. AND, maybe, just maybe, get the Little Prince BACK to school on Monday.


~**Dawn**~ said...

Amen! Times two!

I hope your throat is feeling better. I can't believe you guys didn't get any news coverage down there about the fire! It even made national news, according to my friends out in California! They were doing some "controlled burning" along I-4, and it got away from them, the wind shifted, covering the highway with smoke & then a heavy fog rolled it. Resulted in a 70-plus car pile up, vehicles on fire, four deaths, almost forty people hospitalized, and the firs actually *melted* the highway. They had fourteen miles of I-4 shut down in both directions between Lakeland & Davenport.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Yeah, that would be fires, not firs, that melted the road. Proofread, Dawn. Proofread.

AZMom said...

LOL I am not a sun worshipper either and we live in AZ. Hope you are feeling better soon!