Thursday, January 03, 2008

princesses, pee and poop, oh my!

So, now I remember WHY, exactly we didn't have a dog. I've been successful at gettting two human beings potty trained. I thought I was done cleaning up pee and poop all over the house. Boy, was I wrong.
A few days before Christmas, we were given a beautiful puppy (about 14 weeks old). He's a Havanese and we fianlly settled on the name "Mojito".

Well, Mojito was being paper trained by his previous owner - I'm crate training. The first time he had seen grass was two weeks ago when he came home with me...needless to say, he does not like going number two on the grass. The booger will play outside for twenty minutes, come inside, and literally, within two minutes in the house, he's left his deposit somewhere in the house! It's beginnng to get a little bit frustrating! Argh!! If any of you have any ideas, please share!!
We've taken down all the decorations (except the outside lights, of course!). And today, as I sit here it is not even 50 degrees...unheard of in Fort Lauderdale. My kids are even wearing winter coats and little Prince insists on re-enacting The Christmas Story scene where the little brother "can't put my arms down"!! Kids are so funny.
Princess K is pictured here modeling her new threads from Gran:

Have a Happy Thursday, I can't believe the weekend is already here.


Rick said...

How about a cork? Thanks for the visit and for adding me to your favorites. I am honored.

Smitty76 said...

Ugh, crate training is a pain in the pooper! LOL I don't envy you there.

My dogs immediately will poop after excessive play so I would try staying out a little longer if you can, after that 20 min. of playing, hopefully he'll be ready to go! With both of our dogs, they gave us "signs" when they gotta go potty. Tucker does the pace, pace, pace all over the room and his big brown eyes will bore holes into you. Daisy runs to the door, any door, and scratches her little heart out. Granted, these signs weren't so clear cut in the beginning so basically I kept my eyes on them a lot, as puppies, looking for any tell-tale sign that they had to go potty (i.e. excessive sniffing out of an area, circling) and i got pretty good at predicting! I'd scoop Daisy up, run her outside quick,and poof! She'd go potty. Eventually she got the idea not to do it in the house. Good luck!!!

Cecily R said...

See?!!! That is why we don't have a dog! I have enough messes to clean up between floods and a seven month old (and quite frankly the rest of the family) without adding a furry pooping machine to the mix. Plus, I stunk at potty training my kids who I could reason with. I can't imagine how I'd screw up crate training a dog!!

50 degrees, really? I think last night it was single digit again here. Sigh.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Has he learned not to mess in his crate? I crate trained my pup & he learned very early on that he does not want to mess in his bed. He did ot only once or tgwice & then *cried* like you would not believe. Howling & everything. He would certainly let us know when he needed out if he was crated. He didn't care so much if he was out roaming the house. So... if he has learned not to mess in his crate, and he always poops right after you bring him inside from playing, maybe you could put him straight into his crate & then take him outside after a couple of minutes to get him used to going outside. If he won't go, keep putting him back in his crate & don't let him roam the house again until he's gone.

So ummmm... what do you think of this cold snap?? =O

Keri said...

Cute pup. Havenese are a great little breed. Quite healthy too. Didn't see many issues with them when i was a vet tech. As for poop training... Dawn's got the right idea. If no poop outside, than right back into the crate. Wait a few mins and back outside. You can try putting a small piece of newspaper outside. Small meaning half of a half page. That way he gets the feel of his previous paper training, but also sees and feels all the grass around him. You don't want to use a huge piece because you don't want to keep reinforcing that pooping on paper is the thing to do.
Make sure his crate is sized right to him or he will begin to make messes in that also. Needs to be just large enough that he can stand up and turn around in it.
good luck and just like the kidlets it's all about repitition.