Sunday, January 06, 2008

Welcome, 2008!

Well. 2008 is not starting off the way I had hoped it would. My big deal that was supposed to close this month has gone down the toilet. That was my catch up fund. Now what??? Thinking about selling the house. Simply cannot afford to keep it. Plain and simple. The market has tanked so badly that it will be YEARS before I can get out of it what we've put into it....
I found a great blog last week written by a mom who is a millionaire (self-made) - and the biggest lesson/advice that I've learned from reading her posts is that they were able to attain financial freedom by NOT owning a home. Used to. Downsized and took the difference (and the equity) and invested. Hmmmmmm, sounds like a great idea to me. I know, I know, too simplified, BUT, I do believe in the adage that you never really own your home, it ends up owning you. In this market, it just makes more sense to rent. At least for my family. Especially when my income literally is down to nothing...oops, sorry, I made 25% of what I had made the year before!! How's that for job stability?
Oh well. Life goes on, right? These are not the things of great importance. Both kids have developed really bad colds and Little Prince has a fever tonight. This is the greatest time of my life, in terms of my family life. THIS is what is important. It's sometimes hard to focus and remember those things. We get sideswiped by the mundane, the bills, the mortgage, the maintenance, all the things we "think" we need to have right now. We think we're poor, until we see that we have so much more than 90% of the rest of the world. We are truly blessed. God is good all the time. And all the time God is good. As one of my favorite songs says, "I'll praise You in the storm."
Have a great upcoming week!


Rebecca said...

Here is a question to consider...would your monthly rent payment be the more that what your monthly morgatage payment is? Plus remember that real estate, for the long haul, is a safe and lucritave place to invest your money. I firmly believe renting is NEVER a better investment than owning your own home. Down size, yes if it helps you free up money to get out of debt, but still own!!!
Read Rich Dad Poor Dad...great book!!!!
Just some thoughts~

AZMom said...

I agree with Rebecca. Don't RENT. You have a write off on your taxes with owning too. Remember that. You can't write off your rent.

The market is AWFUL every where. We really want to move but until this market picks back up, it is not happening. I am just working on paying off our bills bit by bit. We are slowly making progress.

Good luck to you!

Keri said...

Focus on your family... and i'm a strong believer that the pieces will come together for you.
Nothing cures the blues or calms your brain for new ideas like a squishy kid hug... and get em while you can... not as easy to get when they get older.