Monday, October 29, 2007

do i have to get up??

I have been sleeping so much the past two days, it is absolutely crazy! I came home from church yesterday afternoon and took a two hour nap ALONE. Went outside with the kids for a short while, came inside and fell asleep with them for another two hours! Then, my husband let me and the kids sleep until we woke up this morning. That hour?? 10:30!!! I am feeling good now, although, honestly, I could go lay down right now for another hour or so! Mmmmmmmm. Love sleeping. Love my bed. Love snuggling under the blankets with the kids. THAT is a perfect day. Give me some rain on top of it, and I've died and gone to heaven.

Because we decided to sleep all day today, I let my son stay home from preschool. I know, BAD MOMMY. Oh well. He and his sister have been playing beautifully all day today. They've been helping put the toys away. So, um, really not feeling so bad about keeping him home. Plus, when she's entertained, I can get other cleaning and work done.

So, enough of that, or I will fall asleep right here and now. Took clients out on Saturday - I think they may have found a house they like, so we'll see what happens. Other deal? Still pending. Ugh. That one is a big paycheck, so of course, it will take longer, but it's still frustrating. It's been in pending status for over two months now!!

We have a busy week of doctor's appointments, birthday parties and Halloween events. Glad I got rested up over the weekend. Tell me how you're doing!!


Keri said...

Oh i can't wait to get to that stage! Miss sleep. Cool bedroom and big down comforter.... dream land

~**Dawn**~ said...

If it would just cool off & be not Summer here anymore, maybe I could get into snuggly sleepy mode...