Friday, October 19, 2007

To Infinity and Beyond......

So, last night I have two girlfriends over to watch Grey's, eat brownies and DISH. Our kids are having a fabulous time, playing video games and Hullabaloo. Then they decide, let's get dressed in our Halloween costumes. We've got Alice in Wonderland, various Power Rangers and my son, Buzz Lightyear.

Let me begin by saying curses to the Disney Company for the way in which they made this year's BL costume. It is made out of 100% vinyl. Living in the South Florida heat with a little boy who "sweats like a fat kid" - not a good combo. He has the outfit on for maybe, five minutes, and his underwear are DRENCHED WITH SWEAT!! Tell me, how on God's green earth he is going to be able to go trick or treating in 90 degree weather in this thing? But I digress.

So, Mick (BL) and Isaiah decide it's a great idea to FLY. You know, to infinity and beyond!! My little astronaut proceeds to climb up on to his dresser. Yes, mom was standing there. Told him he could do it ONE time and ONE TIME ONLY. He spreads his arms out, launches himself off the dresser - and lands on the planet (his bed).

I then say, "okay, guys, that's enough, out of the costumes."

Well, their intergalactic hearing as it is, does not hear "that's enough". I think they heard "let's do it again". This time for our guests to watch.

So, again, he climbs up onto his dresser. Same pose. Same launch.

But this time, something goes terribly wrong. "Houston, we have a problem."

He lands face down on his carpet. By way of hitting his forehead on the edge of his bed (the wooden slat) AND, gets rug burn on his chin.

TEARS. From mommy and Buzz. And mommy's friends.

Call my firefighter/EMT friend. "Do I need to take him to the ER?"

Within five minutes, he was playing VeggieTales video games. He's FINE. Amazing the resilience of little kids. But from now on, our feet will be planted FIRMLY on the ground.


Brandi said...

I'm glad your little guy is O.K.!

Keri said...

OMG ! Is this what i'm getting into with a boy?? The good news is i don't think he'll be flying again soon.