Friday, November 16, 2007

excuse me???

Today started out as any other ordinary day. Took Little Prince to school and Princess K and I headed to Super Wal-Mart for some grocery shopping. Yee Haw! My least favorite place on Earth - Super Wal-Mart. But I digress.

So I shop for about an hour or so and go to the checkout lanes. It's almost noon and the store isn't all that busy, but the lane I'm in has a whopping three customers in line. One lady who is almost finished, another lady who is starting to put her things on the conveyor belt and then me.

I was standing there for about three minutes probably, when a manager comes over and asks me to go to Aisle 5 - new cashier coming on! I look to the woman in front of me - she's not paying a lick of attention and is busy talking to her friend. So, I go ahead and go to Aisle 5 and begin unloading my heaping, overflowing shopping cart. Just as I lift the Clorox wipes onto the belt, this woman comes up from behind and proceeds to yell at me: "I hope YOU have a nice day, don't YOU worry about us, WE weren't in line apparently".

Did I mention that she was SCREAMING???

So, I then apologize and offer to let her go ahead, that I didn't realize, blah blah, blah. She continues to repeat very loudly "No, YOU have a nice day" in a very nasty tone. She walks away from me and goes back to her aisle, but is complaining about me under her breath the whole time. This is when I lose it! I literally began to yell back - first saying that I already apologized, please go in front of me, and then she wouldn't even look in my direction but kept talking to her friend, which irritated me even more. So, I say "Lady, if you've got something to say, say it to my face, don't stand there and talk about me under your breath, you big dummy!"

YES, I called her a "big dummy". Apparently, I'm in second grade AND a dork!! Too funny. Sad, but still funny. I just couldn't understand why someone would want to take their items OFF of the conveyor belt to go to another aisle at all. Still don't, actually. I mean, really, you're already there, by the time you get all your stuff back in the cart and hauled over to the new cashier, you would've been done!!

Unfortunately, for me, I think she just wanted to prove to her friend what a big shot she was. I should've just let her do it and kept my mouth shut. I should've just kept it at the apology. She chose to continue with the negativity, but so did I. I showed just how rude I was when I called her a big dummy.

Doc, I need to up my meds NOW!


Keri said...

Holy crap honey ! I'm not sure what i would have done in that situation.... 'Big Dummy' may not have been my first choice of words lol , but kudos to you for not really unloading. Where again has society gone that someone thinks its ok to yell at a mom or any person with a little one present. Oh for that matter, yell at some one for any time.
and they say us new englanders are rude !
That's a pet peeve of mine when the mgr. moves you to another line, then disappears. They always try to move me to the 5 items or less line when i have a cart full, then i get those lovely 'are you kidding me ' stares... and all i can warble out is 'the mgr. made me do it..'
Big pat on the back for not whomping her. (in your head doesn't count)
have a better day today !

~**Dawn**~ said...

She sounds like one of those people who is just waiting for something to cause a scene over. Too bad that manager wasn't still around to witness that.

Heather said...

I think you have enough things to worry about without having some rude stranger at Wal-Mart make you feel bad. That happens to me, too. I try to be a really nice and considerate person, and I always feel really agitated when someone makes me feel as if I'm not. I feel like I have to chase them down and explain to them that they misunderstood and the cashier asked me to come over and that I really didn't want to be rude and here let me buy your groceries and would you like my first born child?

Devin said...

Oh, I loved this post! You handled it much the same way I would have...I'm a dork too. Lol!!