Thursday, November 01, 2007

The day after...

So exhausted. High on candy. And that's just ME. We had a fantastic time trick or treating. My 'rents came down to walk with us and we all had a great time. The kids got along famously and there were no bad moods or temper tantrums.

Went to the Children's Place to buy Alice in Wonderland some tights and found the most adorable dragon costume for $4.99!! Bought it just to have for dress up. The little guy decided that's what he wanted to be for trick or treat. It was a BIG HIT! We went to dinner beforehand (in costume, of course!) - and the manager of the restaurant brought out a gift certificate to Learning Express because, and I quote, "your costume is so cool"!! All that was missing was the fire breathing.

Here are a couple pictures of the big night.

You can't tell by the pictures, but my little girl actually let me put sponge curlers in her hair yesterday - when we left the house her hair was gorgeous!! But, since we have a Tropical Storm hovering around, any curl quickly disappeared once we went outside. We even did mascara (just a little) and some pink lipstick. She thought she was "IT"!! Too much fun. And on my little dragon - yes, that's green face paint, but it started to sweat off. Overall, though, the rain held off until we got back in the car and it wasn't too hot! Can't complain.

By the way, I gotta plug the Children's Place again. Geez, when they have a sale, they're not kidding! The costume I bought yesterday is normally $29.50 - it's well made, good fabric, etc., it really is a dangerous place for me because I always find something. They even had boys jeans for $4.99 - but not in the sizes I needed. So if you're near one, you must go check it out.

We're loaded with tons of candy, a fair amount of pictures, and really good memories. It's an early bedtime tonight for sure! That's what Halloween is all about.

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Keri said...

Looks like every one had fun !
I love the children's place... i always do such damage there, but i get lots of great clothes.