Sunday, November 04, 2007

Fall Back!

Well, we fell back last night; or, rather, this morning, right? I love time change Sunday in the fall - that extra hour - mmmmm. Makes my week! Although, when you spend every spare second on the computer, that hour really gets eaten up quickly. I think that the time changes are really rough on kids, though. That's been my experience. Every time - regardless of if we're 'springing forward or falling back' - my kids act like terrors for about a week after! They can't sleep at night and they wake up at the butt crack of dawn! It's awful.

I did have a great weekend. Hope you all did, too. It was a super busy weekend, with a school Christmas Village - to raise money for the school, kind-of a crafts fair sort of thing, a birthday party, church, had a girlfriend over, etc., etc. But, all in all it was great. I went to Hallmark and got tons of FREE stuff....and bought some new foundation at the MAC counter - loving it! I'm a totally girly-girl. I LOVE makeup. In fact, my girlfriend who came over last night, we spent a couple of hours just going through my old makeup bags and deciding what to keep and what to pitch. It was very empowering somehow. Sorry, Dev, if you were bored out of your mind!

We are experiencing "cold" front here with temps in the mid-upper 70's! It is absolutely HEAVENLY. So, I will be taking the kiddos to the park tomorrow and spending as much time outside as possible, before it's back in the 90s again.



devinisagirlsname said...

um me plus you equals never boring. EVER!

devinisagirlsname said...

um me plus you equals never boring. EVER!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Ahhhh... it finally feels good outside again! I didn't think I'd ever get to shut off the a/c & crack open the windows!

Oh & the time change affecting kids? I did daycare for five years in an infant room with sixteen babies. I always joked that I was going to take my vacation the weeks after changing the clock. Ok, half-joked.

Smitty76 said...

I would be SO sad if the 70's were considered COOL here! :-( I love my Fall (and actually all four of my seasons!) too much! I'm even ready for...(shhh, I'm whispering this here)...SNOW!!! But don't tell anyone I said that. LOL