Sunday, November 11, 2007

the vagina monologues??

Last night I finally got caught up on reading all the blogs I like to read on a regular basis - I was up until 4 AM, not good. But, I'm caught up. One person I like to read is Cecily - - check out her blog... her most recent post is about using proper terminology for body parts with kids. I completely agreed with everything she said. We don't use the right words in our house either!

So, how random is this? I am reading Good Housekeeping this morning - Faith Hill on the cover, December issue. Here is what made me laugh out loud:

"It's just so funny. You know, we've done what all the books tell you you're supposed to do, and taught the girls all the proper names for their, um, anatomy. Now in my day, that is not what was done; we definitely had cute little names for things. But the girls know what a vagina is. We have this little rope swing in our backyard. And the other day, some lifelong family friends were over, and Audrey was on the swing. One of our friends was pushing her, and she was swinging pretty high. So he said to her, 'are you OK, Audrey?' And she said 'yeah, I'm's just that sometimes this swing gives me a vagina wedgie.'"

And that is why my kids do not yet know the word vagina.


~**Dawn**~ said...


One of my favorite things about Tim & Faith is that their family life is always so "real." And they seem like they love it.

Cecily R said...

The best part of this post is your labels at the end...Faith Hill, vagina. Funny.

Oh, and thanks for the shout out! You're awesome!