Sunday, November 18, 2007

Gotta Love The TIVO....

Whoever invented TIVO should get a Nobel Peace Prize. Seriously. One of the top inventions EVER!! Without a doubt.

For those of you who don't have TIVO, you're thinking that this contraption is for the truly's actually just the opposite. I watch probably HALF of the TV as I used to BT (before TIVO). Now, I only watch what is good and worthwhile....and the best part is I can watch it when I want to. Usually that is at 2AM.

The other great thing about TIVO is that I have recorded all my kids' favorite shows so when it's 7PM and they're bouncing off the walls - I've got something they'll want to watch - other than Spongebob!! It's great. Love it. WELL WORTH IT.

Right now I'm watching Oprah - I record all week and then watch the ones that look interesting. BT, I would watch it every day and sit (and sit and sit, through commercials and everything!), watching, waiting to see if the show would become more interesting. Now, I fast forward and if it's not interesting, I delete it. I don't sit and waste an hour watching something I really don't want to watch.

So, here's the question, why would I continue to sit there watching something that wasn't interesting when I was watching it live?? Why didn't I get up and go do something else?? Who knows?! I think it's the hope that something would get better - or then you start to flip the channels, to see if there's something better. I really, honestly, now watch only the things I really want to watch. So, if you've been wondering what the rage of TIVO is, now you know.

And, now, for those of you I've been complaining about the Christmas decorations to - well, I'm putting the tree up on Friday!! I think I've totally gotten into the spirit because it finally cooled down here (it's been in the high 60s when we wake up and only getting up to about 76 during the day!! - that's a cold front for us!). So, as soon as I finish, I'll get the pictures posted - hee hee.

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend. Love all your comments, emails and fun stories! Have a great one!!

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~**Dawn**~ said...

Ahhhh... This weather has been wonderful! And I don't have a Tivo, but I did get the DVR service offered through the cab;e company -- and I agree! I wonder how I ever watched tv without it! In fact, the other night when I was watching Grey's "live" (it's the only show I don't usually record first) & I kept trying to fast forward through the commercials! LOL!