Thursday, November 08, 2007

Here Comes Santa Claus...

So I went to the mall tonight. Had to buy a couple of things for the family picture which is taking place Friday and guess what!!!???!! Can you guess? They already have Santa's Workshop set up! There are freakin' wreaths hanging EVERYWHERE and Christmas ornaments and wrapping paper is already marked down 50%!!!


I want to listen to my Christmas music so bad, I can hardly stand it.....BUT, I'm going to make myself wait until December 1st. That will be the day that the decorations go up and we begin the countdown. Not a second before.

Oh, and as for the shopping, if you need to get outfits for the kiddos for Christmas pictures/church events, etc....I'm telling you, go to Children's Place...stuff I thought I got a good deal on (on Monday) - is now 40% off! So, taking my receipt back tomorrow to save more money.

Daughter is doing GREAT. We had a family day today - we all stayed home and caught up on laundry and yard work. fun fun fun. I even made a fantastic casserole (I don't normally make 'casseroles') using leftover turkey breast..... All I can say is my husband ate almost HALF of it himself. It was really good and super super easy (can even be made gluten free)! Will definitely be using again. If you need a good leftover turkey recipe - this is the one. I won't post it on here unless requested though, so let me know.

It's almost Friday - so have a great day, make the most of it and kiss those babies!!


Keri said...

I always love a good leftover turkey cassarole recipe ! Always have tuns of turkey or chicken leftover and i like cassaroles cause their so easy to throw together.
I'm anxious about x-mas too... but i can only hold out till 'decorating Friday' (instead of black). I'll prob. get the hubby to start dragging stuff up on thanksgiving, but only after the turkey :)

~**Dawn**~ said...

As much as I love Christmas, I love the tradition my Dad made for us: Christmas started being celebrated & decorated for on the first day of Advent; the only exception to this was Christmas shopping, because you might find perfect gift ideas all year long to be tucked away. To this day, even living 1200 miles from home, all by myself, I still follow this tradition.

Smitty76 said...

I would LOVE to get the recipe! I get sick of plain turkey leftovers so this year I want something different!

And our Christmas decorating extravanga always begins the day after Thanksgiving. We go out and cut down our tree, pull out all the decorations and listen to xmas music! I love it! I must admit though, this year I broke tradition and pulled out only a couple of my snowmen/winter-y decorations (we woke up to temps in the 20's today! Holy chilly, Batman!!!).

devinisagirlsname said...

You, my wonderful friend, have far more restraint than I do... my Christmas music start date is OCTOBER first. And I also saw Santa's workshop at the mall yesterday and got so excited that I called my sister in Orlando to tell her! ITS BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE CHRISTMAS!!!!

Andrea said...

You're the 3rd person this week to mention A Children's Place. I'm going to have to check it out!

Glad your girl is doing well.