Thursday, November 15, 2007

monica bang....

Hooray for me! Seriously. Hooray for ME! Let me begin by saying that Sunday night I spent FIVE hours cleaning my closet! Yes, FIVE entire hours. I labeled my shoe boxes, tossed three bags of trash and three bags to donate. I can now spend time in there without having an anxiety attack. It's fabulous.

Between yesterday and today I have:

~cleaned/organized kitchen cabinets;
~cleaned/organized two linen closets;
~straightened kids' closets;
~re-organized my dresser drawer configurations to give my husband an extra drawer to himself (yea, that's the way I am, completely selfless HA!);
~cleaned/organized my laundry room;
~organized about 400 CDs/DVDs;
~organized all my tons of scrap booking crap;
AND, I am 100% completely caught up on laundry!

I can't believe it. I know, lame, lame, lame to be this excited about it, but I don't know if my house has ever been this organized. It is amazing to me. I am not a Monica. By any stretch of the imagination. I am the girl whose room in high school looked like the closet had exploded. I have always let things slowly become a mess and then I spend hours trying to clean it again instead of just maintaining and keeping it clean from the get-go. So, the fact that my laundry room and linen closets are perfectly organized (and they even have extra space for more stuff!) is almost miraculous.

Whatever shall I do with myself tomorrow??? Grocery store and Home Depot. Hee hee. Can hardly wait.


Smitty76 said...

Can you I hire you? You'd have to fly to CT though...I've got LOTS of messy closets that need

becca said...

Ok, that is definately NOT lame. In fact, you are my hero. My laundry is piled so high, I'm considering donating it all and buying new stuff. (but then, who would want my dirty laundry as charity). And don't even get me started on what my closets look like. Rock on, sister!