Monday, November 12, 2007

people are blogging...

this is an idiotic post, but what the hay, here goes...if anything, you'll catch a glimpse of my pseudo-neurosis (is that even a term?).

Today, for some reason, the song "Let's Give 'Em Something to Talk About" - got stuck in my head - so now, it's turned into let's give em something to blog try'll come up with a doozy of a song! Here's mine so far...make sure you're channeling Bonnie Raitt on this...
people are blogging, bloggin' 'bout people,
I think they're funny,
you won't believe it
....they post their pictures,
they post their stories,
I keep on reading, but they don't know I
laugh just a little too loud
scroll just a little too long
I read the blog like it is my job
Maybe one day, the publisher will come along,
lets give 'em something to blog about....

that's it so far...I know, it's so dumb. LOL.

On another note, tonight was one of those nights where I roamed CVS for about an hour. Supposed to run in and get girly items....came out with a pair of socks, B12 vitamins, Self magazine (love Carrie Underwood's hair color and need a picture of it), water pills AND my girly items. It was heavenly. I literally went up and down EVERY SINGLE aisle. The office supply one twice.... love office supplies, don't get me started!

I then came home and scrubbed my entire body - like it's never been scrubbed before and now I sit at my computer, in my bath robe, with wet hair and perfectly moisturized face. I just finished putting together a purchase contract for a client (yippee!!) and changed some details of my own listings in the multiple listing service. Soooooooo, I actually did get some work done, had some time to myself, time with a friend, made a home made dinner, got laundry done and its not even midnight! Woohoo. I am on a roll. Now if I could just get more than three hours of sleep tonight.


Keri said...

wow ! you bring home the bacon AND fry it up in that pan !
Don't ya just love nights like that... relaxed and accomplished. Had one of those days yesterday, although a little less relaxed. :)

Keri said...

oh and by the way....
thanks for getting a song stuck in my head for the WHOLE day ;}

Smitty76 said...

Ditto to what Keri said...that song will be stuck in my head. ALL. DAY. LOL But your version is much cuter!

Cecily R said...

Hey, you random shop too!

Love the song...channeling Bonnie is the coolest!

Now I have a combination of your words and the original stuck in my head. Great.